The bASE Screen


By capturing each and every movement with the technological precision of Kinetisense, our BASE Screen can show you how your body moves in a way you have never seen before. Body movements are captured in 3D, highlighting key areas in need of improvement, as well as providing accurate and objective data to build a body movement profile personalized just for you.


Based off objective data in each personalized report, we will be able to associate certain body movements with their sport-specific counterparts, improving your knowledge of what you are doing, how well you are doing it, and what needs to be done to better perform on and off the field. The BASE Screen can help take your sport performance to the next level of athleticism.


Sports injuries account for millions of emergency room visits every year, with months of specific grueling treatment to follow until the athlete is back to full health. What if we did a better job of knowing how susceptible to injury an athlete is? Could this help reduce injuries? You bet. Our BASE Screen helps find and identify the susceptibility of every athlete to injury.

Image by Payam Tahery

Each BASE Screen report is unique. It is personalized to you. It is your baseline data. This data helps bridge the gap between where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. Each report helps improve efficiency between body movements, specific activities, and injury risk and susceptibility. Our BASE Screen does it all, and sets the stage for better performance and health.


RightEye is the leader in eye-tracking technology, and is aiming to improve the performance of athletes across the world. This power-up adds visual acuity to your athletic profile!

Utilizing technology, we can take an in-depth look at an athlete's performance, and utilize the data to test for any symptoms of concussion. Results are shared with coaches and healthcare staff. This power-up provides objective data for the Return to Sport initiatives.

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