"Where there is smoke, there is a fire." We have all heard the proverb before, but what does it have to do with sports performance and rehabilitation? It means that if you are seeing something happen on the surface, there is probably a deeper underlying cause (fire) of that effect (smoke). That is our mission. We help athletes identify the fires that are lying beneath surface so that the smoke can dissipate to clear a path for success in their sport.

Aviator Sports Performance and Rehabilitation is deeply rooted in the scientific study of human movement and the innovative integration of technology into practice, ultimately aiming to help patients, athletes/clients in maintaining healthy, fit lifestyles, reduce injury risk and achieve higher levels of sports performance.


With our multidisciplinary team-based approach, we offer a unique continuum of care for our patients and athletes. Thorough communication amongst all team members involved in the care of our clients ensures a fully integrated game plan for optimal recovery and/or performance. Our team of specialists have developed a combined elements approach to ensure that recovery and training work simultaneously to prevent re-aggravating the injury as well as making progress with strengthening the affected area or improvements in overall sports performance, health, and fitness. Ultimately, our team approach enhances the outcome for the patient and client. 


Working together, we provide exceptional service that is paramount in assisting patients/clients during their recovery and journey to optimal health and performance. We believe in a thorough examination to indicate muscular imbalances, strength and flexibility deficits, a patient/client-specific assessment and plan of care tailored to you.


We seek to improve each individual’s body awareness, provide rationale and knowledge to assist you in becoming independent and autonomous with your healthcare needs.


Aviator strives to provide educational and group/team testing opportunities for the community, coaches, and other health care practitioners to further promote a multidisciplinary approach to injury prevention, sports performance, and sports rehabilitation.


We implement evidence-based and field-proven treatment strategies to provide our patients/clients with the highest quality of care to achieve positive clinical outcomes. We always complete a thorough medical-based assessment to understand baseline deficits and assist in devising a plan of care and program that meets your individual’s needs and goals.