The BASE360 Screening Systems



The First Step Towards Reducing Injury

The first step in improving athletic performance is to avoid injury! It is imperative for athletes to be able to participate consistently in their expected practice, and training regimens, as well as their game and/or event. However, some athletes start their season and/or training with an undetected biomechanical imbalance that could be predisposing them to both minor and serious injuries. Current “sports physicals” at the doctor’s office are not designed to detect these imbalances.


​Our in-depth BASE360 Screening Systems guarantees that you or your team will have a deeper understanding of how they move, their susceptibility to injury and what they can do to lower the risk of injury while enhancing overall performance.  We actively track how an athlete’s screening data changes over time. Tracking how movements change is vital to understanding which solutions are lowering injury risks and which are ineffective. Over time, an athlete’s body will inevitably change. They may be susceptible to risks this year that they weren’t last year and vice versa. By re-screening and comparing changes to baseline data, you’re able to objectively see how an athlete’s body is moving more efficiently as you implement new training strategies.


Furthermore, by obtaining this in-depth scientific and objective information, our injury analytics will let you know more accurately when they’re ready to return to play (RTP) after recovering from an injury. If you established a baseline screening with us before their injury, we can aid in the rehabilitation process and potentially get the athlete back in the game sooner than traditional methods would allow.

Aviator Sports Performance Team developed the one-of-a-kind BASE360 Screening Systems to help identify the biomechanical imbalances before they create an injury situation. Our screening methods are tailored to the athlete and the athlete’s particular sport. The results of our screening are shared with coaches, athletes, and parents so that a plan to address any identified deficits can be developed into an injury prevention or performance enhancement program. The program is designed such that entire teams can be evaluated or individual athletes. Our Sports Performance Team is currently testing athletes and teams in all sports.

The B.A.S.E. Model


By capturing each and every movement with the technological precision of Kinetisense, our BASE360 Screening Systems can show you how your body moves in a way you have never seen before. Body movements are captured in 3D, highlighting key areas in need of improvement, as well as providing accurate and objective data to build a body movement profile personalized just for you.


Based off objective data in each personalized report, we will be able to associate certain body movements with their sport-specific counterparts, improving your knowledge of what you are doing, how well you are doing it, and what needs to be done to better perform on and off the field. The BASE360 Screening Systems can help take your sport performance to the next level.


Sports injuries account for millions of emergency room visits every year, with months of specific grueling treatment to follow until the athlete is back to full health. What if we did a better job of knowing how susceptible to injury an athlete is? Could this help reduce injuries? You bet. Our BASE360 Screening Systems helps find and identify the susceptibility of every athlete to injury.

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Each report is unique. It is personalized to you. It is your baseline data. This data helps bridge the gap between where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. Each report helps improve efficiency between body movements, specific activities, and injury risk and susceptibility. Our BASE360 Screening Systems does it all, and sets the stage for better performance and health.


The BASE360 Screening Packages

Complimentary Injury Screen

Aspiring athlete? Weekend warrior? Concerned about a possible injury? We can help! Our highly trained clinicians offer a free 15 minute consultation to help identify the presence of any potential injuries or susceptibilities.

No frills. No commitment. Just come and see what we are all about. Get started below!


Movement Screen

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Built for Teams/Groups/Organizations

Utilizing state-of-the-art Kinetisense motion capture and infrared assessment systems, our BASE Movement Screen aims to paint a complete picture of how an athlete moves and their susceptibility to injury. Baseline data is hard to establish, and extremely personal, which is where we come in! We screen athletes, as well as people of any age, to help guage where their foundation begins, thus helping us assess the effectiveness of current training programs and exercise activities. Return to sport assistance if an injury occured? Yes, our BASE Movement Screen can help there too, establishing an appropriate timeline based off baseline data we collected.


Enough talk! Let's do this! Take your fitness, sport, and health to the next level by signing up for our BASE Movement Screen today!

**PLEASE NOTE** The BASE360 Movement Screen is required prior to initiation of in-person training sessions (Group or 1-on-1) in order to deliver an individualized and targeted approach towards an athlete's specific needs.

BASE360 Comprehensive Assessment

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Built for 1-On-1 Individualized Sessions

The BASE360 Comprehensive Assessment is more than a screen. Take everything you know about our BASE Movement Screen, and add a highly skilled clinician that takes you through a personal 1-on-1 evaluation, taking your baseline data beyond just the technology. With a personalized approach and your own extensive baseline data, we then create an exercise training plan catered to your specific sport needs. This is truly the level where future professional athletes are born. This level is our BEST VALUE! To be clear, this is only for individuals. Teams must utilize the BASE Screen.

Hit the button below, and sign up for our comprehensive BASE360 Movement Screen today!

**PLEASE NOTE** The BASE360 Movement Screen is required prior to initiation of in-person training sessions (Group or 1-on-1) in order to deliver an individualized and targeted approach towards an athlete's specific needs.

Optional Power-Ups

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ

The world’s first eye-tracking solution for general health and wellness, RightEye goes beyond traditional vision tests. It is a proven tool, steeped in science and applicable for all sports. Without vision, our balance, hand-eye coordination, ability to catch a ball—it’s all compromised. Start seeing things differently with this unique power-up!

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BASEline Concussion Testing with Kinetisense

Available for both teams and individuals, this power-up allows our clinicians to use 3D Kinetisense technology to assess balance and screen for concussion signs and symptoms. This is a fantastic pre-season power-up, with data that can provide objective evidence of the effects of injury, and whether an athlete is ready to return to sport.