Physical Therapy (Concierge-Mobile)

In addition to offering "in-clinic" physical therapy services, We also offer these same services "Off-Site" at the convenience of coming to you at your home, office or location of your choice. Our concierge model is the white-glove service, including, but not limited to; coordinating care for high-profile and private-care clients in need of rehabilitation and other therapeutic services. We understand the need to coordinate with your home and work schedule, so if you set up the time and location, we will provide the skilled physical therapist, who will come to your home or office. We can help you overcome surgery, injury and set up a wellness program to prevent future injuries. A full evaluation or assessment of your condition will be performed and a comprehensive plan of care will be outlined and reviewed. Our team is manual therapy trained with expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine, and we will send the right therapist to fit your needs.

Includes a thorough orthopedic evaluation, manual therapy, and an individualized exercise program. During your initial evaluation, you will sit down with your physical therapist to establish a plan of care This plan will be individualized based on your goals and activities.


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60 Minute Sessions

Therapy Sessions

  1. Initial Evaluation Session

  2. Re-Evaluation Session

  3. Single Session


60 Minute Sessions


  1. 5 Session Package

  2. 10 Session Package

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30 Minute PT Visits

Membership Options

  1. Concierge Membership 12

  • Complimentary 60 minute Health and Wellness Injury Risk Assessment

  • 12 sessions-30 minute physical therapy visits that can be used at the frequency you choose.

  • These visits may be shared within an immediate family as long as each member has had a Health and Wellness Injury Risk Assessment.

  • Phone/ Email access to your physical therapist between the hours of 8 am-5 pm seven days a week.

  • Guarantee to be seen within 2 days of injury or request

  1. Concierge Membership 24

  • All of the above as well as:

    • 24 sessions-30 minute physical therapy visits that can be used at the frequency you choose.