• Concussion Baseline Testing-Aviator Sports utilizes powerful 3D Kinetisense (Movement Tracking) & RightEye (Vision Tracking) Technology to objectively assess the WHOLE athlete for concussion pre/post baselining; including, but not limited to Movement, Balance, Brain, Functional, Neurological health.​​ Truly the most Holistic & Pro-active approach available to athletes & clients. 

  • RightEye News Release 8/28/19: New Research Demonstrates Reliability of Eye Tracking Data to Identify and Measure Severity of Traumatic Brain Injuries. Read the full news release by clicking the link.


  • Injury Prevention, Prediction & Performance Screenings- As PART of our Unique & Proprietary Injury Prevention & Performance Screening Process an Aviator Sports, we utilize Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen(KAMS), which is the Most Advanced Movement Screening Technology available today. 


  • Sports Vision PerformanceAt Aviator Sports, we utilize RIGHTEYE Sports Vision and FIT LIGHT to help our athletes train SMARTER and get an edge over their opponents.


  • RightEye's ongoing partnership with USA Baseball and how RightEye is the "Secret Sauce" for several major league baseball teams. Watch the full clip below! 

  • Data Analytics Program(s) can help prevent Sports Injuries and assist in overall Player Development