Hobie Harris, Pitcher - Toronto Blue Jays


Dusty Anderson is one of the best in the business. Not only does he know how to get/keep athletes healthy, he is a phenomenal individual who truly cares about each and every one of his athletes that he works with. As a freshman in junior college, I was sidelined post-season with a shoulder impingement. Being that I lived in McKinney, I ended up at Craig Ranch, where I met Dusty.  After getting to know him and hearing his story of his baseball career, I knew that he was in this profession for all of the right reasons. He loves the game of baseball, and he loves to help people.

For anyone who has ever been hurt and was forced to miss time on the field, they know just how tough it can be, and mentally it can be difficult. You want to be out on the field helping your team compete and win, but your body physically just can’t go. Dusty knows how to get your body back to full health, and he keeps you positive every step of the way. He is always willing to go the extra mile, always has a smile on his face, and genuinely cares for everyone he works with. It is no question that Dusty knows every in and out of how to get athletes healthy. It is his personality and the relationships that he creates with each and every one of his guys that makes him special.

I had the pleasure to work with Dusty on getting my shoulder healthy for about 3 months back in 2012, and I am now playing minor league ball with the Yankees and I haven’t had one issue since. To this day, I still follow the exercises that Dusty had me doing 7 years ago. Shoulder stability exercises, internal/external rotation, and mobility drills are just a few of the many things that helped get my shoulder back in prime shape. Dusty’s methods are not only well thought out, but they are also very clear and easy to follow. This is helpful for any athlete because you perform these exercises while also learning exactly how it is helping you. Not only do his methods get you healthy, they set you up to maintain that healthy status moving into the future.

I am truly grateful for the work that Dusty did for me, the relationship that he and I have to this day, and for the opportunities he has allowed me to pursue by getting me healthy. Any player who needs to get something in their body worked out would be lucky to have Dusty in their corner.


Thanks for everything, Dusty. You are the man!



Ben Montgomery, VP Baseball Nation

I've coached travel baseball for 15 years in DFW, with and against the best coaches and teams in the nation. I've found that Elite players and coaches always have an edge that separates them from others. This stays true as players grow in their careers and move on to High School teams, College Teams and for the few, professional teams. Dusty Anderson, founder of Aviator Sports was a huge contributor to the edge that my travel teams have had. Dusty helped bring understanding to how each individuals body is developed differently and more importantly, how we can identify and correct deficiencies. This was a game changer for me because I realized I had been asking players to do things that their body was not physically able to do. Aviator Sports is going reshape the way coaches, players and parents approach instruction, preparation and recovery for any sport. Players will experience breakthroughs that have frustrated them for years and have complete understanding in what they are physically able to do. Players now have access to injury prevention screens and state of the art training for full body functionality! In my opinion, the services that Dusty and Aviator Sports will provide are ESSENTIAL for every player.

Luke Bay, Pitcher-Kansas State University







When I first began working with Dusty spring of my senior year in highschool, I was coming off a grade 1 strain of my UCL. Instead of just alleviating the symptoms and managing the pain, he worked to find the under lying cause of why I had injured myself in the first place. He also educated me on what he was doing and why he was doing it so that I could continue these methods in the future. In just 3 or 4 sessions of therapy with Dusty my elbow pain was gone, the range of motion in my shoulder was restored and my performance improved on the mound. Dusty has had a major impact in my life on and off the field. He is one of the main reasons I am still playing today. I can’t recommend his services enough if you are passionate about performing at your highest level.



Susan V.-Parent 

The purpose of this letter is to share our experience with Dusty Anderson. Dusty has been both a baseball coach and teacher for our son over the past year. Currently, we meet with him weekly for private pitching lessons. Our experience with Dusty has been a very positive one. Dusty is not only patient with our son, but very encouraging. He has a wonderful demeanor and a very positive way of motivating our son. They have developed a strong relationship where our son respects Dusty and truly values his knowledge and teachings. Our son is a pitcher and is quiet. Dusty understands the need for confidence in building a strong pitcher. He has been so key in working with our son on the mental side of the game. I think it takes a special person to be able to develop the “whole” athlete. I find it so easy to work with Dusty as he is very well-organized and responsible. He communicates weekly with me to schedule the lessons and is always ready to go at the appointed time. He is very professional and dedicated to his clients.


Glen B-Parent

I am writing to express my support and belief in Dusty Anderson. Dusty has done an outstanding job with my son Andrew in his development as a pitcher. I would consider Dusty as an expert in pitching mechanics. His combination of being a therapist, strength coach, biomechanical specialist and former athlete/pitcher is a great combination to help athletes develop in a long-term healthy way. I also have appreciated Dusty’s passion for baseball and his attitude. Dusty is always teaching in a way that inspires and encourages those he is working with. Dusty not only helped mechanically, but also with the mental aspect of being a high level pitcher. Andrew really has enjoyed his time with Dusty and has also been encouraged with his progress. In a relatively short time with Coach Anderson, Andrew improved his mental approach to pitching, his mechanics, and his velocity. He went from throwing in the low 80’s to the upper 80’s … topping out at 89 in a few short months. I highly recommend Dusty Anderson as a pitching coach and he is someone your athlete would benefit from knowing.